Sonya’s Guide to Having The Best Reading Experience

As an avid reader,I’d like to share with you guys some “rules” I follow when I want to completely emmerse myself into reading.

1.Get rid of every clock and electronic device near you.

2.Find the perfect spot with perfect lightning.

3.Gather as many snacks as you can(also water!).

4.Make sure no one will disturb you.

5.Relax and enjoy your book!:)


If you find this useful or if you have any other “rules” you follow,please tell me in the comments:)


                                                      Sonya ❤️



My first post

I guess this is my first post on this blog.I think I should start by introducing myself:

I’m Sonya,I live in Europe and I love books,anime,bands,dark/horror stuff,dark humour,fanfiction… And so on

I’m incredibly awkard and I somehow manage to embarass myself in the worst of scenarios.For example:

I once participated in seventh grade in one of those talent shows that probably every school hosts to show the talent of their beloved students.I don’t have any talent whatsoever,but I agreed to dance with some of my friends.Bad decision.

The dance was pretty sexy and I ended up accidently lifting my skirt and the whole school saw my underwear,including the guy that I liked and that I was trying to impress.Good job Sonya!

Since then,I swore to never even watch any of those talent shows again.So if you don’t have any talents,but your friends still pursuade you to participate in something like this,just refuse.And probably find some new friends😂

Bye for now,and leave a comment if you had any embarassing situations yourself!